In the course of our relationship and the related information we receive from time to time, we collect, process, and store information regarding your identity and demographics, as well as information relating to your use of our Platform, the services we offer, and other interactions with us.

We may collect the following information, among others:


Date of birth,


Telephone/mobile number,

Email ID,


and proof of identity or address.

You may also be asked to share your PAN, GST number, government-issued identification cards, and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) information for checking your eligibility for certain products, services, and events including credit, payment, and security.

As we care about your privacy, we keep all of this information completely secure.

Your bank account information, credit/debit card information, or other payment instrument information, password, or other sensitive personal information, may be collected by the Platform.

We are primarily concerned with providing you with a safe, fast, efficient, secure, and customized experience. Providing appropriate services and features will allow us to tailor our Platform to your needs and make your experience easier and safer.

You can generally browse the Platform without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. Your identity is not anonymous to us once you provide us with your information. Optional information on the Platform can be omitted or you can opt not to use specific services or features.